Girard Community Management Services


Preparation and timely delivery of monthly Board Packets
Attendance at all meetings
Newsletter Assistance and production
Secure and review bids
Supervision of all Association contractors
Development and implementation of Rules and Regulations
CC&R Enforcement
Fully integrated Customer Service Department
Experienced and Knowledgeable Property Managers
Development and implementation of Architectural Guidelines
Development and implementation of Association Management Plan
Developer Communication Assistance
Maintain all Association documents

Accounting Services

Monthly or Quarterly Billing Statements
Developer Billing (if applicable)
Customized Monthly Financial Reports
Preparation of escrow demand statements
Payment of all bills (Two Board signatures required on all checks)
Annual Budget Development and implementation
Reserve Study planning and development
Audit and Tax preparation assistance
Processing and filing of liens (if necessary)
Auto Debit Collection capabilities

Internet Services

GCMS, Inc. has developed an Internet Department to bring your association into the 21st Century. If your association is a client of GCMS, Inc., we will assist you in the set up, operation and hosting of your Association’s community website. This service will enable your homeowners to communicate with GCMS, Inc. in every facet of management. Homeowners will be able to send complaints, submit service requests, review Association legal documents, obtain/submit Architectural requests, request keys, clubhouse rentals, and use many other critical management tools.

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